A2A Piper Cub Video Review at screenshotartist.co.uk


The boys at screenshotartist.co.uk are known for their extensive reviews on various FS products, until now they were standard read-along text reviews… but now they have started something new: video reviews. The first one is on A2A Simulations Piper Cub, not that there is a shortage on reviews for this one, here is our own issued earlier…. just as there is no shortage on Piper Cubs in the FS world as seen in the previous announcement from FSAddon here.  So here it is, a Mark Hurst review released at siminsider.co.uk -> CLICK

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  1. This review is not going to cause me to buy the Cub. Not because the review isn’t the best review I have ever seen. It most certainly is! But because I already own it. What the review has made me want to do (I am at work sadly) is go home and fly the Cub and try some more things with it.

    Really well done. Both Nick’s review and the Cub.

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