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With FSRealistic, rkApps has presented a (partial) transfer of the XPRealistic add-on popular with Xplaners, reminding FSXers of AccuFeel, distributed by A2A at the time. The promise is a more realistic flight experience through more authentic sounds and vibrations of the view, later head movements are to be added, to which the SDK of MSFS does not yet allow access. Michael Kalff investigates whether the self-assured price of over €21 is justified. What is promised Actually, ASOBO as the developer of MSFS promised in its promotional videos an elaborately generated, carefully composed, highly detailed programmed, ultra-realistic sound experience … so…

For the last couple of years, anybody interested in military aviation in FSX hasn’t been able to get around Vertical Reality Simulations’ F/A-18E Superbug for its attention to detail, or their TacPack module for how it brings weapons to a sim that wasn’t designed to handle them. A couple of months ago, they released both these products for Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D V2 Academic as well. And while the functionality is basically the same as for the FSX versions, I think these products are worth another look in this new environment. So let’s see how VRS did this time, shall we?

For years now, since the release of Flight Simulator X, the mantra of the flight sim world is “as real as it gets.” I know I have heard it everywhere during my flight simulation “career.” You fly your flights as close to real as you can; scenery add-ons, real world weather, real world aircraft repaints and so on. So why not make your flight planning rise to that level as well? Let me introduce to you Professional Flight Planner X (PFPX).

In a newsletter issued today, Navigraph have announced support for two additional packages as part of their subscription Navdata offerings. The two new packages – the iFLY Boeing 747-400 and FSiPanel – are supported effective immediately and users can download updated data for them using either the FMS Data Manager or manual installation download methods. Navigraph coupons, topping up credits used to access the service, can be purchased at simMarket.

Complex aircraft like the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 are flown with a two person cockpit crew. In FSX and P3D we don’t have that luxury and are required to take on the duties of both, a scenario that is not very realistic when you look at real world operations. A company by the name of FS2Crew has endeavoured to change that for specific aircraft. Here is one of their stated goals. “Our line of Airline Flight Crew Simulations are aimed at home users who wish to simulate realistic multi-crew airline flying using Microsoft Flight Simulator.” The Majestic Dash 8 Q400…

Anyone who has ever been in the market for a new joystick, knows there’s an amazing range of products out there. From cheap and simple €20 pieces, to professional looking pieces of hardware costing €200 and more. Recently, Mad Catz has expanded our choices in the higher-end segment even more with the newest product from their Saitek brand: the Saitek X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. System.

Although this review is of an add-on technically for FS9 and/or X, it should really be listed for “Microsoft FS9 or X, plus iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and a wireless network” – because that’s what you’ll actually need to run it. TOT Games’ TabletFMC is a payware utility which allows pilots of many system-heavy add-ons to view and control the aircraft’s CDU/MCDU on their iDevice. It comprises, as is usual with interfaces between Apple and Windows devices, two elements – the client software on the iDevice and a small server package on the Windows PC running FS9 or X.…

If you’re into modern airliners, especially those with a lot of ‘glass’ displays, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about how typing in the CDU (Boeing) or MCDU (Airbus) should be easier than using the mouse. The good news is there are several easier, more realistic and better looking hardware solutions. The downside is they’re quite expensive. We’ll be taking a look at one of them: the Virtual Reality insight (VRinsight or VRi for short) CDU II panel.

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