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Many airports sceneries of Aerosoft that you can use as holiday destinations are on sale 30% OFF at simMarket ! And in the same newsletter issue, find a selection of 2019 products for X-Plane 11 and more savings.

Interested in accurate aircraft models with advanced systems, avionics, startup and shutdown procedures ? The PC-6 Porter by Milviz is perfect for you. And it’s also known for its STOL capacity ‘Short Take Off and Landing) to let you experiment some exotic airfields.

In the last newsletter issue sent by simMarket, the simulation shop selected new savings to promote : FlightBeam Studios 35% OFF, Jetstream Designs 20% OFF, BDO Aviation 30% OFF and more. They cover now the whole Europe in P3Dv4. Appreciated by the customers of RealTurb products, the main idea of their packs is to bring accurate wind effects, turbulence or wind shear where a dedicated terrain, area or airport is known for particular situations.

This German airport is also home of Aerosoft hearquarter. Now modelled for X-Plane 11, EDLP Paderborn scenery features PBR materials and TerraMAXX seasons. Available for purchase and download from simMarket.

It’s one of those sceneries where the designers team take advantage of the island situation of Crete not to limit their design touch to the boundaries of the airport only, Heraklion LGIR. The whole island has Autogen for example, and the approach is greatly upgraded by nice surroundings.

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