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Simulate a wide variety of flight missions with the brand new and highly detailed KA-32 modelled by Nemeth Designs. It requires you to fly in Prepar3D v4.5 minimum, and then you are ready to operate civilian flights, heavy cargo or search and rescue missions. PBR materials included and Flight1 GTN650 integration (but gauge not included).

It’s the turn of the Belgian capital to be modelled in the HD cities series of Prealsoft. Brussels City is reproduced with HD photoreal textures, Autogen trees and buildings, custom buildings for the most significant ones and 3D lights in the streets at night. It’s compatible with FTX Global and can be installed either in P3D4 or FSX.

With the configuration manager included, the helicopter MD530F can be set up to your preference among the various exterior fits, gauges equipment, liveries.. And MilViz also enhanced the model itself in this new version that now supports the PBR materials in P3D4.

JustSim comes back on Rhodes greek island to upgrade its airport Diagoras LGRP and make a version 2 for P3D v4.4+. They integrated enhanced textures and markings, PBR materials for 3D models, extended runways and taxiways. Owners of the version 1 can upgrade via a payment of EUR 5 (+vat).

In the Northern region of France, this new scenery models the airport of Lille Lesquin LFQQ to serve also Belgium that is very close. Its actual traffic is made of all kind of aircraft, and you see both regular and low-cost commercial airlines. France VFR designed a quality scenery and well blended in the default environment for XP11. Press release : “This 3D photoreal accurate airport scenery modelizes a very detailed regional airport in the northern part of France. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Lille-Lesquin airport (LFQQ) extremely detailed with its environment High definition ground texture (25cm) for all the area Very detailed…

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