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The latest entry of Jetstream Designs at simMarket, is the new P3D5 scenery of the Italian airport LICJ Palermo. Registered customers of the previous version are lucky to get the upgrade for FREE. Everyone can now enjoy PBR materials, P3D custom ground polygon with the respective visual effects, and dynamic lights. A good mix of performance and visual quality. Well done Jetstream.

You can try for free during 30 days and with full features available the new SimSounds 4.0, software developed by On-Next Development. It’s now compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator, as well as P3D and FSX. It will add numerous cabin announcements and sounds for more immersive flights. If you miss also roll and bump sounds during taxi, that’s also the solution. Optional crew packages can be purchased separately for more languages : German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

With FlightBeam Studios, you can’t go wrong with one of their product. Their new products line for Microsoft Flight Simulator pulls the standard quality very high too. Denver International KDEN has a sloped terrain and a great grass system for example, that looks very realistic when you taxi. Available now at simMarket.

Must-have for the numerous fans of the A320 in Microsoft Flight Simulator : when you get the new Flight Crew A320 by FS2Crew, the Airbus A320 Neo included by default in the simulator will take you to another level of realism and immersion. And it’s on sale during launch period, 25% OFF until September 12th. Follow and listin to the real-world Airbus checklists, crew interaction and cabin announcements are also included. This product can be also used with FSLabs A320 and Aerosoft A320 in P3D and FSX.

Inaugurate the first Colombian airport with Sierrasim latest entry for Microsoft Flight Simulator. SKPS Antonio Nariño Airport is in the southern region, not very far of the border with Ecuador. Their little airport with photoreal features is well implemented in the default scenery. More info at simMarket.

Aerosoft launched quality sceneries again for X-Plane 11, a mix of Holiday airport destination, and beautiful little islands with detailed airfields. Click on the following links to get directed to their respective product page at simMarket. AIRPORT BARCELONA XP X-PLANE 11 : The popular Spanish airport LEBL with PBR ground textures, 4200 sq. km of aerial views for the terrain, and SAM jetways. GERMAN ISLANDS 1 – EAST FRISIA XP X-PLANE 11 : At the North of Germany in the Wadden Sea, beautiful spots and multiple islands carefully reproduced with various airfields included, static aircraft, HD ground layout with PBR,…

Major release for Microsoft Flight Simulator, LatinVFR has made available their big airport scenery of KMIA Miami International. In Florida USA, it’s a magic spot designed here with hand crafted ground markings and PBR materials. It’s also optimized for the best performance. More screenshots at simMarket.

In the P3D section of simMarket, Tropicalsim added two airports sceneries featuring SODE animations, and full realistic terrain and buildings. Albuquerque KABQ 2020 P3D is compatible with both V5 and V4, for US airports fans, visit New Mexico ! Faro LPFR 2020 P3D5 is only designed for the latest Lockeed Martin flight sim. This one is at the south of Portugal.

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