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FlightBeam Studios, Digital Design, Godzone or even Aerosoft .. many vendors have specials at simMarket to celebrate the end of this year 2018. Aerosoft Winter Sale will last until January 1st and include major products on sale for P3D4 or X-Plane 11 : 25% OFF Airbus Professional, DC-8, CRJ 700/900, sceneries of Frankfurt V2, Heathrow, Barcelona, Zurich, Malpensa and many more. Overfly another US city with the urban scenery of Taburet Dallas for X-Plane 11. It’s a complete product made of custom Autogen objects, new lights and the photoreal terrain is also included.

Found between the French Riviera and the border with Italia, the little airfield of Valberg LF0654 is the Alps mountains, also near the National Park of Mercantour. Try to land on the little sloppy strip ! Vario Design made it as a photoreal scenery with custom made 3D terrain with static airplanes and volumetric grass, for all versions of P3D.

Just released and it goes directly in the top 3 sales of X-Plane airports at simMarket already : Tenerife South GCTS is designed for XP11. The commercial screenshots speak for themselves revealing the textures quality and the level of details.

In France VFR – Nord-Pas de Calais VFR 3DA P3D, you get a 3D photoreal huge photoreal scenery that depicts the Northern region of France. The new VFR Regional Extension Pack series was designed and developped to provide an environment as realistic as possible for VFR flights. It is the result of years of experience and practice in flight simulation and 3D modeling. “VFR Regional” products embed all enhancements from the new 3DAutomation® technology developed by France VFR. This technology already allows to generate the most realistic and dense environments ever seen. It does not intend to model real world accurately but to create a copy…

Recreate the Faroe Islands in X-Plane 11, that’s the goal of Aerosoft and Maps2XPlane developer. Vagar airport is also detailed, and the advanced features include PBR support, 3D vegetation, specific Autogen and more.

Bergamo Extended is a scenery product for P3D v3 and FSX, do not get confusion with the specific P3D4 product named Bergamo Professional. The Italian airport of Bergamo LIME is depicted with SODE jetways and animated vehicles.

Notification for business jets pilots : Flysimware released their Falcon 50 with a nice looking exterior models, and custom coded gauges, animations or cabin pressurization systems for example. The autpilot included is an accurate simulation of the Collins APS-85, and the service hangar allows you to repair engines and failures.

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