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Just Flight have two caps for that project : publisher and developer. Their new Piper Aircraft completes the aircraft selection for GA simmers looking for advanced simulations. Their new PA-38 Tomahawk for FSX P3D is highly detailed with neat visuals, detailed and accurate 3D models.. but there are also a good number of custom coded systems. Failures may happen too ! Its X-Plane 11 version is also available.

It’s the Special Bundle Pack for the Majestic Q400 in P3D4 that FS2Crew delivers now through simMarket. Control FS2Crew with either Voice commands or use the Button Control version, it’s your choice. Both are included. This means that the crew interactions, dialogs, checklists, ground operations and airlines procedures simulations are completed by the FS Video Marshaller add-on, and the FO Global Voice Set add-on, to add more voicesets for your copilot.

The latest product of Lionheart Creations landed at simMarket ! The light Zenith CH-701 will fly in P3D v4.5 and will display high definition gauges with advanced visuals on the metallic exterior thanks to the PBR effects. It’s also adapted for very short runways with its STOL performance. Have you already a mission for it ?

After various Colombian airports sceneries, PKSim selected the biggest and major airpor of the country to make it a detailed and realistic scenery for P3D4 : Bogota El Dorado. Of course, you won’t see only latin airlines operating there. Many Americans and Europeans companies fly to Bogota with heavy aircraft. Its GSX ready SODE animations features will be appreciated by commercial flight simmers.

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