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For a visit in Pakistan, select an international airport to make sure the terminal and parkings spots are big enough for your airliner. And the right spot is Islamabad International (OPIS). SimArc has now the airport available as a P3D4 scenery with PBR textures for the ground polygon, and also SODE VDGS to see advanced visual docking guidance systems.

Thrustmaster is a serious manufacturer and known by the majority of simmers for their products appreciated world wide to fit the needs of advanced controls for our simulators. simMarket has now in stock the following products dedicated to the flight simulator, including sticks, rudder pedals, Hotas : F/A-18C HORNET™ – HOTAS ADD-ON GRIP HOTAS WARTHOG T.16000M FCS FLIGHT PACK T.16000M FCS HOTAS T.16000M FCS STICK T.FLIGHT RUDDER PEDALS TPR: THRUSTMASTER PENDULAR RUDDER

Add a realistic and very detailed model of the FA-18 E, F & G Super Hornet to your sim ! The virtual cockpit and the exterior model look incredible, and the animations are numerous. Check the comprehensive features list visible at simMarket. For the best experience in marine operations, note that it’s fully “compatibie with SimWorks Studios’ CEX aircraft carriers.”

The popular and Polish airport + city pack of EPKK Kraków is now in stock also for X-Plane 11. Drzewiecki Design delivers a high quality product with numerous visual effects, realistic textures and very detailed buildings. There are plenty of stunning screenshots to load at simMarket.

Paris Ile-de-France is a photo-realistic addon produced by France VFR for Aerofly FS 2. Available on sale 15% OFF only until this Friday March 13rd. The scenery depicts the city of Paris with its main monuments, its bridges and its suburbs as well as the entire Ile de France region. The scenery includes aerial images coverage and high-resolution terrain mesh, thousands of VFR landmarks, aeronautical obstacles  and remarkable buildings, several million Autogen buildings and trees, and three highly detailed airports. The new VFR Regional series was designed and developped to provide VFR flight an environment as realistic as possible. It…

Produced during the 1950’s and operated by the US Air Force and Navy until early 1980’s, the EC-121K Warning Star was an aircraft used for supervising and control missions. Fly it in P3D4, your monitor will display the model of Virtavia with very high definition textures, hundreds of custom animations and more.

Edited by AviationLads, this is the new and official trailer to promote the Irish scenery of MK-Studios’ Dublin airport, launched just a few months ago for P3D4. Take the time to enjoy the video, and maybe you will end by adding this beautiful scenery to your wish list.

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