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Thie most important airport of Morocco and designed by Prealsoft has not been forgotten for P3D V5. They also had in stock the versions for FSX, X-Plane and older P3D versions. All virtual pilots can fly to Casablanca GMMN whatever is their flight simulator.

Vladivostok airport UHWW is not among the default airports anymore, definitely. RUSD published separately the detailed scenery in Russia for P3D5, and then for P3D4. If you purchase one, the other one is yours as a free upgrade at simMarket. Just log in the same customer account and order each title separately one after the other.

Liberator RAF Variants is a sort of expansion for the B-24 Liberator of Virtavia. This pack brings 11 additional variants and liveries for the US heavy bomber. In fact, the original package is only needed to copy its sounds for this new pack. Otherwise, it can be considered as a standalone product, because the virtual cockpit, and gauges are included for example. If you don’t have the base product B-24 Liberator, it will use default sounds.

The number of developers and publishers to join the Summer Sales event at simMarket have grown fast these last days, to reach an unprecented level of more than 30 participating vendors. Various discount rates display up to 50% OFF, so check them all here with direct links to the shop.

When you are using your flight simulator, there are times when you want to hear better the ATC instructions, and other pilots communication on the channel. With PTTBuddy, the software manages your audio levels for the best and easiest experience possible. He monitors defined applications (music, simulator with engine sounds), and will automatically lower their levels when it detects sounds from other user defined applications (TeamSpeak, online ATC/pilots networks client software). You can also define a push-to-talk button, that’s very easy to use.

Are you up for an exotic airport in Thailand ? A_A Sceneries launch the new version 2020 of Samui International VTSM in the Gulf of Thailand. Although the previous product was made in 2011, the developer allows to upgrade with dynamic lights and new photoscenery for a small fee so you can take advantage of it much easier.

Pilot’s FSG comes back at the Spanish airport of LEST Santiago de Compostela with a P3D5 exclusive scenery to introduce various enhancements, particularly on lights and updated textures. Of course it remains with other high quality features like 4K textures and 3D animated workers. It’s a free update for all registered of the previous version for P3D4. They will find the needed file along their respective order of the P3D4 scenery in their user account at simMarket.

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