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Mainly found in Europe, the HD Cities collection gets expanded with a new title in Germany : Leipzig. Prealsoft includes a photoreal terrain with HD textures of various seasons and the night version, completed by Autogen and custom objects.

For the second airport of Paris, Jetstream Designs made a new generation scenery for P3D4 with seasonal terrain, animated train and vehicles, SODE jetways. Enter simMarket shop to browse the screenshots and the complete features list of Paris Orly LFPO P3D4.

It’s a famous airport visited by movie stars during the Festival de Cannes each year during Spring. After other sceneries in Poland released for P3D and X-Plane, FlyDesign launch their first french airport LFMD Cannes Mandelieu for X-Plane 10 and 11, 4K buildings, with Autogen and vegetation.

The official expansion for the MD-82 simulated in Fly The Maddog X is ready at simMarket ! Note that it’s available only for P3D4 because it uses the latest technology and effects available : visible icing simulation and Physically Based Rendering effects for the materials and reflections. This expansion adds the MD-83 and MD-88 with their respective virtual cockpit, switches, systems and load manager update.

Maybe your next flight plan will make you fly to the capital of Croatia : Zagreb LDZA has now a detailed airport made by RFscenerybuilding. They used the latest SDK of Prepar3D to integrate advanced effects on the ground polygon with SODE animated objects. The static jetways will be easily replaced for animated models if you have GSX v2.

Biggest airport in the Azores islands, Tropicalsim designed it for P3D/FSX with enhanced surroundings : whole island coastline, photoreal scenery around the airport with Autogen. Find now Ponta Delgada LPPD at simMarket, and there’s a discount for owners of the previous version.

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