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The new 180 Evo pack for P3D5 is the latest invitation of Milviz to log hours as a virtuel pilot in the business aviation world. “Fly the turboprop by the book or just jump in and fly” as they wrote on their product page seen at simMarket. The Wx Advantage Weather Radar is included and… its fully featured FMS that allows to manage LNAV/ VNAV with SID/ STAR / airway support.

Just beside the Lake Geneva, the second airport in Switzerland could receive more than 5 million people in 2020 with a single runway. Geneva Airport LSGG in MSFS is the latest and already successful scenery designed by RedWing Sim. Their customer reviews have 4 or 5 stars.

Pilot’s present their study level P3D5/P3D4 add-on of the Boeing B314 The Clipper Pro with a custom Sperry Type A Gyropilot system to allow transoceanic flights with specific procedures. The avionics include authentic gauges, and the custom soundset has been made ArezOne. The virtual cockpit is complete with the Navigation and Radio rooms in 3D.

You can locate the Italian airport of Trento-Mattarello LIDT, between Milano and Venice if you zoom on a map near the Lake of Garda. The river Adige flows along the runway, and the surroundings include the southern mountains of the Alps chain. MSFS Scenery in 4K PBR with animations and heliport available at simMarket.

Not just one, but two new and very advanced airliners landed at simMarket for X-Plane 11 : the A300-600R (with Freigh variant), and the huge Beluga ST, published by iniBuilds. You get aircraft with semi glass cockpit displays, a very nice programmed FMS with custom pages, independent systemss and SID/STARs management. The other systems like hydraulic, electrical, pressurization and fuel are also included. Further features will be appreciated like the ACARS Wind Uplink, SimBrief Route Uplink and Active Sky XP compatibility ! Available now at simMarket here.

If you have seen two new releases of Vancouver CYVR at simMarket homepage, you don’t cross the eyes. No, the reason is that FSimStudios released their new airport scenery for MSFS, and separately for P3D5 P3D4 at the same time. Both make part of their Canadian airports selection sale at 20% OFF at simMarket, valid until May 14th. P3D simmers will have the animated SkyTrain, SODE features, PBR textures, and 50 custom landmarks in Vancouver. In the other product for MSFS, the content list mentions the native MSFS SDK jetways and also PBR high quality ground polygon. sds

Flying to Mexico will be even more enjoyable with additional sceneries for MSFS, released by MagMexico. By the way, most of their P3D FSX sceneries are on sale 50% OFF until May 08th. First of all, the international airport of Monterrey MMMY is an important city of Nuevo Leon state not too far from the US border and Texas. 3D bridge, animations, static vehicles and aircraft reproduce the local life. And then, from the same makers, you can also have a look at the airport of Ciudad Victoria MMCV, named General Pedro Jose Mendez. Here again, the buildings textures and…

Near London in England, Blackbushe EGLK was selected by Just Flight and SC Designs to become their new airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Take a few minutes to load the lovely screenshots to get introduced : the 3D objects, GA aircraft, fences and of course the buildings will make you wanna fly.

Alta ENAT is a Norwegian airport located near the Northern tip of the country. Aerosoft brings to simMarket their super quality scenery for MSFS. In such region, the winter effects are important and you should not be disappointed.

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