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For your next trip in Nepal, choose Aerofly FS 2 combined with the addon scenery of Lukla Mount Everest. Published by Aerosoft, this is even a bundle of 5 detailed airports – including the dangerous airport of Lukla of course -, plus 7 generic upgraded airports, 12 helipads, millions of buildings and trees.

The amphibian aircraft designed by Roland Laborie is ready for purchase at simMarket in its version 2 for Prepar3D V4. Among the numerous features of this CL 415 V2, the new ones include the 3D moving HUD and the integration of REX / Milviz Advantage Wx radar (gauge not included).

Spend some time on your PC to build, set up and manage your Emergency center, comply with the missions and monitor your team efficiency and training. It’s a new game published by Aerosoft, Rescue HQ – The Tycoon makes you lead bombers, police and medical departments on many aspects. Numerous missions in different scenarios included.

Among the Central Group of islands in Azores archipelago, you will find the new airport scenery of Tropicalsim : Horta LPHR 2019. After a short flight from another island, or from the continent in Portugal, you will easily recognize the airport terrain elevation.

Upon an advanced terrain analysis, M.A. RealTurb knows how to simulate highly realistic turbulence and other wind effects like wind shear. It’s compatible with Active Sky for example, it’s fine with the default weather engine too. This new title covers North America in P3D v4.4/v4.5.

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