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Drive the Allegra trains of RHB swiss company through the Swiss Alps to explore the landscape, with realistic railways and signage. Heidi-Express RHB is an expansion for Train Simulator 2012/2018 of Dovetail Games. Riding this line in real ife is an unforgettable experience, and driving the train yourself will add the icing on the cake.

Since a few days, Train Sim World users have tried Great Western Express, the British DLC with passengers activities along the 35 miles railway between London Paddington and Reading. Despite of a few graphic or sound bugs reported here and there, and the short drive, some users are proud of the graphics engine powered by Unreal 4. Dovetail Games is collecting the best screenshots here.

This is a new route addon for Train Simulator, that will let you explore 180 miles long of railways featuring “the Bristol to Westbury line, the Westbury to Taunton line via Somerton Tunnel, and Bristol to Exeter via Bath Spa.” The included scenarios will use the default rolling stock and other trains addons that you should revise in the requirements sections. South Western Expressways is available for download at simMarket. After CSX Heavy Haul, Train Sim World introduce now Great Western Express : drive the HST high speed train leaving Paddington train station from London. On August 24th, they will release the new addon for the new generation train simulator that will allow a realistic passenger experience at the same time.

httpv:// Yet another Advanced Train Simulator from Just Trains ! The developers took advantage of Austrian Federal Railways help to recreate the realistic startup procedure and systems of the Taurus 1116 and 1016 series. Are you ready to try RWA Railjet Advanced ? Onboard Safety Systems, Driver Diagnostic Interface are just some of the advanced and functional features modelled here.

Until March 16th, the release date of Train Sim World : CSX Heavy Haul, you can pre-order the new generation of Dovetail Games’s train simulator with 10% off  minimum, and up to 20% off if you already purchased a previous version of Train Simulator. TSW takes advantage of Unreal 4 graphics engine with unprecedented visuals for a train simulator : daylight, night and illumniation lights effects, reflections, 3D details and high resolution textures give a modern and high quality look in the simulator. Dovetail Games developed their own physics engine for the best train driving feelings and behaviour. At the…

httpv:// JustTrains adds a new English railroad for Train Simulator, relatively short and particularly realistic with custom assets and buildings to depict the line as it was during the 1930’s to 1950’s. The British team added a GWR Diagram AA3 ‘Toad’ brake van and 5 scenarios for use with default Train Simulator rolling stock.

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