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Designed for Train Simulator 2017, the LNER V2 Advanced addon has various levels of driving controls according to the level of difficulty you prefer. Passenger carriages are included along a few scenarios, but some of them may require routes that are not already in Train Simulator 2017.

The CRH380A (newest generation) and the CRH2A EMU are two Chinese high speed trains recently launched through simMarket download shop. Including the full modern cabins and passengers coaches with 3d interior, you will enjoy them for hours with the featured scenarios for Train Simulator 2017. Chengdu to Suining high speed route in the Southwest of China is required and not included.

httpv:// Trains drivers, be aware that you have 6 days left to take your ticket to the  Train Sim World : CSX Heavy Haul Beta. If you buy Train Simulator 2017 Pioneers Edition, currently with 75% OFF before December 7th, Dovetail Games will let you play with the new generation of train simulator, I mean TSW. And it will be ready for download on December 8th, near 6:00pm. Meanwhile, you get a big load of recent addons for TS 2017 like TGV Marseille-Avignon, South Wales Coastal, Hamburg-Lübeck and more. Don’t get confunded with DTG Franchise Collection 3 that is 5 Euros cheaper. It…

The new version Train Simulator 2017 will be automatically downloaded next time you launch Steam if you already have TS2016. New customers will have recent addons routes and trains included, while existing users of TS2016 have the option to purchase the Pioneers Edition bundle to get this same content with a 75% rebate.

In this package, you get three connected routes at once, for Train Simulator 2016. Just Trains modelled 60 stations along these routes between Paddington and Bristol, Bristol and Cardiff, and Bristol to Exeter. A total of 300 miles are now ready for you with 16 standard scenarios. Note that you may need the payware “European Loco & Asset Pack” via Steam if you got Train Sim after September 20th, 2012.

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