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Train Simulator 2016 trailer

httpv:// I wanted to embed here the trailer video of Train Simulator 2016 by Dovetail Games so you can have a look at the new

Dovetail Games

TS2015 takes on “Epic” proportions

Rather than just release their new Soldier Summit route for Train Simulator 2015 as a regular DLC pack, developers Dovetail Games have given it an entire

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Peppercorn A2 joins TS2015 stock

If you were (or are) a child growing up in the UK, then the name “Blue Peter” means a TV programme that’s probably older than


TS2015 route preview Mannheim – Karlsruhe

For Train Simulator 2015 addicts, there is no way to feel that’s enough with German routes ! They want more and will drive soon between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. The


TS2015 joins “March Madness” sale

If you’re missing some stock or routes to run activities you’d like to in Train Simulator 2015, many of the add-ons (“DLC”) for the sim

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Chengdu – Suining High Speed Route Add-On

Developed by Just Trains, the Chengdu-Suining High Speed rail route is the latest release for Train Simulator 2015, either as a direct installation version on Steam,

TrackIR supports Train Sim 2015

According to the official blog of Train Simulator 2015,, it appears that their sim will make part of the hundreds of games already supported by

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Dangerous Approaches on Midland Mainline?!

Dovetail‘s rapid release schedule is hitting again, with both a Flight Simulator and Train Simulator add-on released within the last two days. The Train Sim

Dovetail Games

Another TS2015 release, plus patch news

The sleek lines of the DB BR605 “ICE TD” are the latest release for Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator 2015, Germany’s latest inter-city diesel multiple unit

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