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FranceVFR – Alsace VFR 3DA P3D

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New invitation to fly over the beautiful and photoreal scenery of FranceVFR : now in Alsace VFR 3DA for P3D4. It’s not a flat and small area : wide and full region, with custom and dense Autogen for both buildings and vegetation, accurately placed, and completed with custom landmarks for…


FranceVFR Paris – Île-de-France VFR 3DA P3D

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The 3DAutomation technology engineered by FranceVFR is particularly well adapted for Paris and its region to be modelled in P3D v4. It allows a very dense Autogen and a realistic placement over the included photoreal textures to depict actually the urban styles and different areas. In Paris Île-De-France VFR pack for P3D,…


FranceVFR – Midi-Pyrénées VFR 3DA Vol.1

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There’s another region of FranceVFR depicting the South Western area including part of the Pyrenees mountains, either available for P3D v4 or for FSX. Their VFR sceneries combine a dense and local style Autogen for the buildings and the vegetation. The numerous custom objects and landmarks as bridges, or power…

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Autogen Factory by FranceVFR

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In the new website opened by FranceVFR, there are mainly free Autogen packages to enhance even more VFR flights. Produced with 3DAutomation technology, the Autogen is dense, varied with low impact on display performance. You can already find and download Autogen vegetation packs for a few FranceVFR Photo HD series products.…


FranceVFR Nord Pas-de-Calais preview

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The French studio still achieves new developments and performance with their 3DAutomation technology found in their VFR collection sceneries. VFR Nord Pas-de-Calais will depict the Northern region of France, with hgh definition mesh and photoreal textures, many buildings, trees and landmarks. It will also include mega city Lille – close to…


FranceVFR – Autogen preview in Aquitaine region

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In their last VFR range products (Haute Normandie and Alsace V2), FranceVFR introduced a new Autogen technology “3D Automation” to be able to design a greater number of Autogen items, trees and buildings with a wider variety as well. For each French region, the developers include the different kinds of…