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Captain 777 Service Pack 1.30 is out

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Customers of 777 Captain had to wait several months more since last update to get the new Service Pack 1.30. It’s said to address tedious bugs remaining since the beginning, the VNAV autopilot mode, the navigation display, MCP and EFIS rotary knobs… The complete list of fixes comes along the…


Angle Of Attack 777 Training

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Hard at work for the past months, way before the official release to the public of PMDG 777-200 LRX / -FX, the training videos of Angle of Attack (AoA) will be available soon. That’s what you can get confirmed on AoA main website. Their videos explain in great details the…


Captain Sim 777 1.0 released

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The official release of 777-200 by Captain Sim, version 1.0 is online. They now charge 59,99 EUR as it’s leaving the “public / development / Beta ” stage to a “final” product. It includes the 777-200, -200ER and -200LR models with custom sounds, liveries, 2 PDF manuals, and systems… Do…