Captain 777 Service Pack 1.30 is out


Customers of 777 Captain had to wait several months more since last update to get the new Service Pack 1.30.

It’s said to address tedious bugs remaining since the beginning, the VNAV autopilot mode, the navigation display, MCP and EFIS rotary knobs… The complete list of fixes comes along the SP 1.30 download link (27Mb) to install over your current version 1.20.

0 Responses

  1. Now this is how you make a T7 addon for FSX. Maybe PMDG can learn a few things from Captain Sim 🙂 Happy Holidays Captains!

  2. this is how you don’t make a 777 for fsx….throw together a half assed first attempt and then throw it up on the internet so you can get to market before the really good product hits…then make it useable in drips and drabs….no thanks. Been waiting years for the FMC in the 757 and flight director in the C130 to be fixed…stuff’s not even worth $9 on sale…

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