Captain Sim 777 1.0 released


The official release of 777-200 by Captain Sim, version 1.0 is online.

They now charge 59,99 EUR as it’s leaving the “public / development / Beta ” stage to a “final” product. It includes the 777-200, -200ER and -200LR models with custom sounds, liveries, 2 PDF manuals, and systems… Do you want to read our first observations ? Click read more…

I’ve launched the Captain Sim presaved flight, ready for takeoff at Seattle KSEA. It’s mandatory to load it first anyway so you can have all systems running. And you’ll have to modify the panel knobs and push buttons to set a cold and dark situation by yourself.

So I’m at Seattle, on the active runway. All the FMC data is set, FMC set and checked. I only have to light up the exterior beacon, strobe… and set the current baro setting (that now works in v1.0, with In/hPa selection working).

  • after rolling the engines up to 50%, i’ve set the autothrottle on and pushed the throttle
  • passing the acceleration altitude, i’ve set the autopilot on and selected LVL CH mode on the MCP, with speed set at 249 kts, but it overshot up to 270 kts (VNAV restriction in the FMC was set to 250 kts /10 000 ft).
  • I set the climb speed at +3000, and selected A/T to force the speed slow down below 250 kts
  • once stabilized in speed and climb speed, I set LNAV / VNAV with 15’000 ft on the MCP… but he accelerated up to 275 kts only instead of the 300kts preset on CLB page of the FMC (and it cannot be edited here).
  • passing 12’000 pieds, it starts to dive the nose down, and descend… without reason as I didn’t touch anything else
  • two additional negative points :
  1. still no manual n° 3 (procedures) and n°4 (FMS)
  2. we can edit some FIX points via the FMC using some VOR radial / distance but nothing is displayed then on the ND, useless
  • and two positive points :
  1. baro reference can be set, with In/hPa selection working
  2. i feel I have more frames per second, must be checked

I’m still not convinced this is a final product, but Captain Sim is used to deliver various patches after version 1.0. Time will tell.

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  1. The Clock don’t show up corrcet.

    Auto Thrust Anomalie (some time works some time not if you flip the 2 Switches)

    Speedbreak Leaver don’t animated when its deployed.

    ND Center don’t work and you can’t see the radial when you set it up in NAV/COM.

    Autopilot Logic Anomalie (Not working well to fly under MCP commands)

    FMC Data Base don’t know based DATA from FS-X it say always not in DATA BASE, if you set a FIX, NDB, VOR.

  2. this should have been 0.95 rather than 1.0 for the reasons given above! By the way, you don’t need to load the captain sim flight anymore (since 0.6 i think)

    1. I don’t achieve hydraulic pressure and flight surfaces control neither if I don’t load first this initial presaved flight… What I did is to save a cold and dark situation flight set by myself, that I made using this KSEA ready for take off flight with all knobs / buttons set to OFF.

  3. Have to agree with the previous posts- after waiting many months since last update I was very disappointed to see that this version is not in a flyable state. I like CS products but this is a bad call on their part and should not have been released as such.

  4. They are probably trying to get it out before the real 777 simulation is realeased by Robert Randazzo and co….

  5. But that could be any time between next now and never.

    CS really aren’t helping themselves here, are they? The whole point of selling “pre-production” models should be to get a wider test base and get rid of more bugs. If, at the end of that, the product is still suffering from many of the same bugs that earlier products have suffered from, nothing gained and people won’t get involved next time you try the same thing.

  6. We could have had a great B777 by now but some people had to p£$% off PSS!! I miss them so much, they had it right all along.But some jerk had to be too pushy

  7. “PSS” are back anyway, in the form of Black Box.

    Unfortunately I was party to an extent in what happened to PSS and the problems weren’t “some jerk being too pushy”, they were much more endemic and serious than that. They didn’t have it right – the whole reason people got so angry with them was that many of their products started to be released utterly unusable. That was why a number of people offered to help to try and turn them around. Ultimately, that group failed because of a variety of reasons and PSS closed.

    However, what we (I was involved) specifically got involved to do was to avoid exactly this situation regarding Captain Sim. Unfinished products being released that were barely, if at all, usable by most customers. Different developer, same problem. Unfortunately while PSS *DID* try and turn it around, CS appear to have done the opposite, which is disappointing.

  8. They do make some wonderful 3D models… It’s a shame these problems exist. I got their 727 and 707 and loved flying them.

  9. Sorry but it’s awful. I feel sorry for anyone that wastes their money on it! I had a lot of hope with CS, but I was gone right from v0.2! The whole CIP idea is ridiculous, they didn’t listen to not even half of what people took their time to write on their forum.

    This is just like the iFly 737, it came out before the NGX, then I never even heard of it again.

    I think exactly the same will happen with PMDG’s 777. You can’t deny the NGX has set a new level for the FSX community, to go back to fly a great product from LDS is hard now. PMDG have raised the bar so high.

    I think CS should stick to analog flight decks.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I respect CS’s work and effort!

    Save your time and money kids! 😉

  10. I understand why most of you are getting so frustated by this product, just because it’s the “1.0 version”.
    But this airplane is more than flyable, the only really “BIG” issue is the VNAV. I’m pretty sure that CS is already working on a new fix…and the final version of this product will be amazing even if it’s a step lower than PMDG NGX.

    So, just do not use VNAV under FL100, use only “FLCH” or “VS” modes and it’s will be OK 😉

    1. Unfortunately, I too wasted money on this product and was disappointed to find that v1.0 is the same as 0.9 only with better screens and no RAT deployment. I tried the VNAV after FL100, and ended up stalling out anyway and crashing. Only problem is that I had full throttles and VS had been set to +2000 prior to the attempted VNAV engage and stall.

      I recommend NOT buying this plane, and just remain patient for the real guys over at PMDG to complete theirs!

      Blue skies

  11. Got it during the sale and upgraded yesterday. Took it out yesterday flew it like a heavy and enjoyed it.

  12. Eu concordo em tudo que foi dito pelo que eu lir nesses comentarios. Eu tenho o 727-737-707 mais o 777 e a pior aeronave que a captaim sim lancou infelizmente joguei meu dinheiro fora. O 777 tenhe que corrigir muitas coisas erradas o 777 foi uma grande decpção, vou aguardar o 777 da pmdg eu acho que venhe bem melhor.

  13. Luzzile, I have the iFly 737 Cockpit Builders Edition and the PMDG NGX. The iFly is a much better product for cockpit builders with much more support than you give them credit. I have not experienced any of the issues you mention and would recommend iFly 737 to anyone.

  14. Well I bought Capsims C130 two years ago and it is perfect. So detailed and complicated with all working switches etc.

    I decided to get their 777 on Monday and have some serious issues with it. Can’t hold a climb and infact it doesn’t seem to matt at what altitude I switch on VNAV it just starts to decend. FMC problems with speed/altitude settings and then a total failure of the air speed saying I was doing <30kts but the GS said 432, no failures planned etc.

    It is potentially a great model and hopefully V1.1 will be with us soon to sort out the basics.

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