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NLS A380 compared to reality

Next Level Smulations decided to compare some shots shots of their actual A380 simulation with the actual displays of the double-deck wide body. Open their Facebook

Next Level Simulation A380 news

One of the current Airbus project is being run by Next Level Simulations, the massive A380 development can be followed on their Facebook page. The last shot

NLS A-380 External 3D Model Closeups

Next Level Simulations is busy working on their upcoming Airbus 380 model for FSX and P3D, via their Facebook page we are served this tasty

NLS A380 preview video

sdsI was about to write there’s the first preview video online showing the A380 of Next Level Simulations on their Facebook wall. But I remembered

NLS A380 more preview pics

What a change. After years of silence, Next Level Simulations is sharing many preview pictures including the 3D virtual cockpit  of their Airbus A380. You

NLS A380 – your input requested

Over on their Facebook page on 30th December, Next Level Simulations announced that they will be continuing development of their A380 project. Today, they have

A380 Simulator in Basel, Switzerland

iPilot Switzerland makes part of branded professional simulators around the world : they have a 777 sim in Doha, a 747-400 in Dusseldorf for example.

FSX version of TSS’s A380 soundpack

Joining the recently released FS9 version, the world’s largest passenger airliner now has a soundpack available for FSX as well. Designed for use with the

FS9 RR Trent 900 sounds from TSS

Turbine Sound Studios have gone big for their latest soundpack release – replicating the A380‘s Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines for flyers of the type

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