NLS A-380 External 3D Model Closeups

Next Level Simulations is busy working on their upcoming Airbus 380 model for FSX and P3D, via their Facebook page we are served this tasty three preview images described as “external 3D model closeups – rendered in 3d studio max. Model and textures however are 1:1 in FSX/P3D.”

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  1. Guess I’m Stupid ??? but – what is 1:1 textures mean, like some really Huge Texture format or something ???

    1. good point! when i read it, it sounds to me like they want to say that the textures are the same for fsx and p3d… but that makes no sense either, does it?

      1. I believe they mean, that the textures you see on the screenshots made in 3D StudioMax are the same textures, you will see later in FSX/P3D.

  2. Having a problem with win 8.1..After receiving a fatal error message during free flight on FSX I attempted to uninstall an add on scenery program “ULTIMATE TERRAINX USA”. The program states “For FLight Sim X”. At first it worked great but then the above problem stopped the program with a message “Fatal Error”. I checked with my tech and he researched the error and told me it was from an ad-scenery program. I deleted the program but the error changed to “Scenery.cfg file error. invalid remote scenery path in scenery area 131”. The error than stated to click to continue?……Thanks

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