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B-17 Accu-Pack From A2A Simulations

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A2A  Simulations have redesigned their B-17 Flying Fortress from their FS9 version and are now offering it for FSX. “…. Without a doubt, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is the most-recognized and well-known aircraft to emerge from World War II. There are many reasons for this, not the least of…


FSX; A Program With Amazing Potential

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Dudley Henriques has long been our ‘resident test pilot’, working for Microsoft to help them make their aircraft models more realistic, and helping the flightsim communities learn how things are done ‘in the real world’, specializing on the classic jet fighters of the now previous age. Man, does that make…


A2A B377 & Accu-Sim Reviewed

By 2 are pleased to be able to present their latest review, of the A2A Simulations Boeing 377 Stratocruiser with Accu-Sim add-on. If you haven’t met this model, and the technology advances that come with the 1950’s predecessor of the B747 and A380 double-decker airliners, or if you have, but are…

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A2A Simulations and the “Angel of Deliverance.”

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Scott Gentile from A2A Simulations has been in touch to announce that they are developing an official training package for the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation and their Boeing C97 freighter aircraft, ‘Angel of Deliverance’. The “Accu-Simulator” training package will be based on A2A’s popular Wings of Silver Boeing 377 Stratocruiser…

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A2A Simulations release B377/Accu-Sim SP1

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A2A Simulations have released Service Pack 1 for their popular FSX Boeing B377 classic airliner and the accompanying Accu-Sim pack (available from simMarket here and here, respectively). In addition to correcting some errors, the pack adds considerable amounts of new features to Accu-Sim and includes a new livery to add…


A2A Simulations vid-speaks on Accu-Sim SP1

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Watch A2A Scott Gentile’s introducing Accu-Sim SP1 in a three part video they just published on YouTube: “Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations speaks, from the developer’s perspective, about Accu-Sim Service Pack 1 for their Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. Accu-Sim adds enhanced effects and realism to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X and new…


A2A Stratocruiser And Extension Pack

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Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations reports that he “…… has released the long awaited Wings of Silver Boeing 377 Stratocruiser along with the first of a brand new technology line of realism expansion packs for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. These two simultaneous releases represent a quantum leap forward for A2A…

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