A2A Simulations release B377/Accu-Sim SP1

A2A Simulations have released Service Pack 1 for their popular FSX Boeing B377 classic airliner and the accompanying Accu-Sim pack (available from simMarket here and here, respectively).

In addition to correcting some errors, the pack adds considerable amounts of new features to Accu-Sim and includes a new livery to add to the collection.

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“We are thrilled that our community has embraced the Stratocruiser and its accompanying Accu-Sim technology, and now Service Pack 1 builds upon this success,” said Lewis Bloomfield of A2A Simulations Inc.

A special wide-screen movie featuring the new models can be downloaded here:

The next three videos give an insight into the development of the latest technology in Accu-Sim Service Pack 1:

Here are some tutorial videos of how to operate the aircraft:

A2A Stratocruiser & Accusim Familiarization Parts 1-3

A2A Stratocruiser & Accusim Familiarization Parts 4-5



Core Aircraft Changes:

* Early BOAC model
* Highly realistic textures with the latest A2A texturing techniques

NOTE: Without the Accu-Sim add-on the user will see the reports but they will have no effect on the aircraft. Selecting the 377 will give you a brand new aircraft with no wear or damage each time.

* Animated air stairs (will appear when the aircraft is on the ground and the passenger door is opened)
* ADI, Oil levels, and CO2 can be refilled from the Realtime Load Manager
* Improved takeoff warning when flaps are not correctly set to require engines to be running AND to have BOTH engines 1-2 and 3-4 over 75% power
* Improved navigators map features and functions
* New autopilot with more tuned and natural handle / bank behavior
* New control mapping tool to allow mapping autopilot handle and turbo lever to any controller axis
* Mixture levers can be controlled via default mixture lever assignments
* Autopilot pitch can be mapped to keys
* New radio 2D panel (for those who want the most simple radio control)
* 2D Controls panel can now ‘gang’ engines together for ease of use, for example, operate all cowl flaps with one button while outside the aircraft
* Improved auto turbo control
* New Oil System:
o Oil is consumed based on engine condition and power
o Oil can be transferred from the 56 gallon central oil tank to and from any engine (7 gal per min transfer rate)
o Oil dilution system where heated oil can be pumped through engines for cold starts (giving easier starting)
o Redesigned oil cooler flaps based on streamlined flaps, airspeed and outside air temperature (OAT)
o Loss of too much oil will result in oil pump sump running dry, creating sporadic loss of oil pressure as oil travels up and through engine

NOTE: Without the Accu-Sim add-on the user will be able to transfer oil and use the dilution system but no engine damage will occur if you run out of oil to an engine.

* New fuel distribution system
* Several bug fixes including:
o Fixed repeating startup sound on certain conditions
o Turbo rising temp after cold start fixed
o Eliminated the “We need to raise our idle” message from happening at odd times during startup
o Removed fuel pump sound in sound.cfg
o Fixed repeating low CAT warnings under certain conditions

Accu-Sim Changes:

* Maintenance hangar including:
o Engine inspection reports
o Mechanics notes
o Engine overhauls

NOTE: With the Accu-Sim add-on the user will see the reports and be able to take steps to correct the wear / damage if required. Wear / damage will be saved and be present each time the 377 is selected if repairs are not undertaken.

* Engine wear
* Cold weather starts
* Rare, unexpected failures
* Failing engines can be nursed to run longer
* Malfunctions can cause engines to sputter, cough, and vibrate gauges
* Improved carb icing / shared carb heat
* Applying high power with high carb air temps (CAT) can now cause detonation
* Over-torque can cause engine stress
* Fine tuned RAM air behavior
* Persistent aircraft, carries over from flight to flight:
* Users can now live with the same aircraft over hundreds of hours of flight
* Damage, wear, or even system quirks are all saved
* Natural randomization system creates fluid physics throughout the aircraft as well as naturally occurring events
* More sounds including engine fire warning alarm, APU sound and low oil warnings
* Added “Check Carb Air Temp” warning message to crew reports when one of the CAT’s are not set correctly
* Engineer now reports a turbo failure as serious engine trouble
* Aircraft state is now saved with saved flights, including unique characteristics, damage, etc., so users can continue flying the same aircraft over long periods of time.

General information can be found at

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  1. This really makes the best addon I know even better. Especially the maintenance hangar unfolds the incredible potential of the Accusim-technology even more.

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