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Learn and talk with Capt. Mike Ray

Mike Ray is a famous retired Captain, who worked for United, and he has published a variety of great quality training and learning books aimed

Angle Of Attack 777 Training

Hard at work for the past months, way before the official release to the public of PMDG 777-200 LRX / -FX, the training videos of

AoA PMDG 777 Training

httpv:// With the upcoming PMDG 777, Angle of Attack wants to teach to simpilots their knowledge in another way than reading the manuals, tutorials. Their

Flows versus Checklists

Angle Of Attack explains what are the differences between flows and checklists about aircraft operations. If you are following the checklists as items to do

Angle of Attack B777 Training Preview

httpv:// AoA are specialists in Flight Training and Technical lessons based on actual and realistic airliners expansions for flight simulator. Using animated diagrams and in-flight

AoA reveals “JetSet”

Chris Palmer of Angle of Attack Productions has revealed today the content and intent of their recently announced “JetSet” product and initiative. In a Press

AoA 737NGX Training – Pressurization

httpv:// Get another free sample of the extensive training for the PMDG 737 NGX by Angle of Attack. This time it’s about pressurization, giving a

AOA 737NGX Secondary Flight Controls Angle Of Attack uploaded a new promotional video of their PMDG 737NGX training about the Flight Controls. This will give you a more precise overview of what

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