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Simming on the Go: Round 2

While everyone has been complaining about the lack of recent “FS next” releases, there have been not one, but two updated releases for the mobile

iFMS v1.1.4 available for download

Michael De Feyter has announced that the latest version of his iFMS application is available for download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play

FSXLive HD from PositionGames

PositionGames have further added to their FSX iDevice utilities with the release of FSXLive HD, turning your iGadget into a moving map, which can be

iFMS for iDevices

It’s not always easy to find the flight simulator retated apps in the stores, but when we find one enough interesting to share, we don’t

TabletFMC iPhone / iPad

Apple devices users and looking for a FMC app for a long time will be pleased by the following. TabletFMC works on your iPad or

Connect ForeFlight to Flight Simulator

The iPad / iPod / iPhone ForeFlight app, is a flight planning and electronic flight bag software for real life pilots. After the download of the

aerofly FS goes mobile via iTunes

With thanks to our Dutch colleagues over at for spotting this one, users of Apple’s iGadgets may be interested to know that aerofly FS

Infinite Flight for iOS

To follow up to last year’s release on the Windows Mobile phone platform, Flying Development LLC have released their Infinite Flight simulator through iTunes as

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