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AzurPoly – OV-10 Bronco MSFS Update v1.1.1

AzurPoly has released update v1.1.1 for the OV-10 Bronco in Microsoft Flight Simulator, focusing on controls management improvements and bug fixes. A significant enhancement is

AzurPoly : New MSFS Project Jaguar SEPECAT

AzurPoly is developing the SEPECAT Jaguar A for Microsoft Flight Simulator, continuing their work on historical French aircraft following the OV-10 Bronco, Fouga Magister, and

AzurPoly – TB-30 Epsilon MSFS Update v1.2.4

The latest update (v1.2.4) for AzurPoly’s TB-30 Epsilon on Microsoft Flight Simulator, available on SIMMARKET, brings several improvements and bug fixes. Key fixes include resolving

AzurPoly – Bronco OV-10 MSFS Project in Beta

AzurPoly‘s highly anticipated Bronco OV-10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) has entered the beta testing phase, bringing aviation enthusiasts one step closer to an immersive

AzurPoly – C160 Transall MSFS Update 1.2

AzurPoly is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Update 1.2 for their C160 Transall aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This major update signifies the developers’

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