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Win Real Cash with REX

And this is the time to make some cash with your hobby, check this press release from Rex Game Studios: $300.00 USD will be awarded

FlightGear anniversary competition

15 years. That’s how long open source simulator FlightGear has been around and, to celebrate the sim’s birthday, along with the upcoming release of version

Unlimited Aerobatic Championship 9th

The VWAC 2011 will took place September 2011 in parallel to the real Unlimited Aerobatic Championship. This year they have two judges and beside of

VRinsight Contest

VRinsight involves their customers in their next hardware and home-cockpit products development, filling an online form to write down their needs and expectations. A VRinsight

Screenshots contest

Chris W. Palmer would like to inform you about, a website dedicated to screenshots contests, opened for rounds of 2 weeks with a new

Ship Sim Extremes contest

“Create your favorite vessel or environment for Ship Sim Extremes and win great prizes! VSTEP announces the Ship Simulator Extremes Content Creation Contest, or the

Contest at Jaggyroad Films

“Jaggyroad Films is pleased to announce their new forum dedicated to video and simulator enthusiasts. Furthermore, Jaggyroad Films would like to publicly announce a new

FSFlyingSchool Contest

Jeff Preston of FSInventions tells us that they “…. are running an FSFlyingSchool2010 Contest. FSInventions are giving away 5 licenses of FSFlyingSchool2010 + Voice Command

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