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IVAO Crowded Skies 2019

The most important event on IVAO network is planned on next December 07th : Crowded Skies 2019. Last record was set at 3003 connections, cumulating

IVAO Crowded Skies XI : December 13th

  It’s already the 11th edition of Crowded Skies on IVAO network. This year, they hope to beat the last record of 2,303 simultaneous connections.

IVAO Crowded Skies 2013

Maybe this will be your first mark in your calendar 2013, Crowded Skies 2013 on January 19th. Last year there were 2,300 connections to the network

IVAO Crowded Skies 8 on Dec. 18th

More than establishing a record of simultaneous virtual pilots connected to IVAO network, Crowded Skies event aims at a very large ATC coverage and numerous flights

IVAO Fly-in Announced

IVAO “….. is proud to present the 5th Edition of “Crowded Skies” on January 9, 2010 from 1900Z onwards. This is a world wide and

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