IVAO “Crowded Skies” on January 8th 2011

IVAO Crowded Skies is a great event for pilots willing to simulate real life communications with ATC and other pilotes.

This week-end, for each connected flight to IVAO network during the event, Aerosoft will pay 1 Euro as contribution to charity.

“This record breaking unique event sets the entire IVAO skies alive and active. This 24 hour event,you can expect full traffic around the world, live Air Traffic Control and more. The previous edition of Crowded Skies had more than 1,941 simultaneous connections at a point of time and over 9,449 flights during the entire event, which is a unique record.

IVAO and Aerosoft, have joined hands during this event for a noble cause. Aerosoft has agreed to contribute equivalent Euro’s for the maximum simultaneous connections achieved during this Crowded Skies Event. For eg., if we have 2,000 simultaneous users Aerosoft will contribute Euro 2000 to charity.

All the contributions will be made to “Guder Orphanage Center”.

This organisation supports the orphanage center in Guder — Ethiopia where 60 girls live and get the chance to attend a school.

Remember every flight you make during the peak hour (which is expected between 14Z — 20Z) will result in a 1 Euro donation by Aerosoft and you have a chance to make a difference in this world in your own small way.

Come and fly online on the IVAO network in the most realistic and “crowded” event and create a new record and also help for a noble cause. More information visit

If you are not a member of IVAO, it is “Free” and simple to become a member and you too can be part of this historic event. Join now from”

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