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FlyFreeSTD – Sukhoi SU-27/27UB Flanker-B/C P3D4 or FSX

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This is the Russian fighter modelled with great details and 4K textures for P3D4 by FlyFreeSTD, also available for FSX. Their pack includes also the two seater variant, and you are free to choose among three weapon configurations (or without weapon). More info about the HUD, liveries and animations on…


FlyFreeStd – MIG 29K / SU-33 and carriers

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httpv:// FlyFreeStd conveniently combine Russian military aircraft and aircraft carriers. 2 Packages were recently released at simMarket, both for FSX : the Sukhoi SU-33 Flanker D, and the MIG-29 K. With each package, comes a different ship that you can discover on the respective products pages.


FlyFreeSTD – Flanker-D Su-33

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The famous Russian fighter Su-33 is bundled with the ship Admiral Kuznetsov for FSX. Curious to know what can be the interactions between both of them and the specific features of the Sukhoi brought by FlyFreeSTD ? Check this out at simMarket.


Bear Studios sends out a Flanker

By 0 Bear Studios’ latest release carries on their usual pattern of being a Chinese built version of a Soviet/Russian aircraft – in this case, the J-11B “Flanker”, derived from the Sukhoi Su-27 multi-role fighter of the same NATO reporting name. Featuring a whole host of systems, custom gauges and modules,…


ALS-Sim / Flight1 — Su-27 “Flanker”

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The SU-27 “Flanker B” has been conceived as an answer to the US F-14 Tomcat in the 1980’s. ALS Sim designed a customizable model for FSX, so you can choose the weapons using the payload editor, and they announce its “Cobra” and “Tail Slide” capabilities. More infos in the Flankers…