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“CPS” Concorde Performance System 3.0

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The free tool of Pierre Chassang and Pierre Dolez for FSLabs Concorde X and for SSTSIM Concorde exists now in a new version 3.0. Aimed at medium to hardcore simmers, their software can help in preflight procedures, fuel calculation and weight balance. And the new V3 has now an airports database updatable…


FSLabs A320-X first airline livery preview

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There just one new picture of the FSLabs A320-X but it’s quite important, as it reveals their 3D model painted with the first airline livery : British Airways. Click here to go to their Facebook page.


FSLabs A320 X news

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We have some fresh news about the A320 X from FSLabs. In a message of Andrew Wilson posted today, he gives good news of development progress. To illustrate his words, he details two of the numerous neat features they achieved to simulate : difference of spool up speed at takeoff…

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Concorde Performance System available

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Your Concorde X experience will go a step closer to realism in preflight accuracy and computation, with the newly released Concorde Performance System. This donation software tool allows you accurate fuel calculation and tanks distribution for any airport in the world, with weather influence, enroute and airport maps display, center…