Concorde Performance System available


Your Concorde X experience will go a step closer to realism in preflight accuracy and computation, with the newly released Concorde Performance System.

This donation software tool allows you accurate fuel calculation and tanks distribution for any airport in the world, with weather influence, enroute and airport maps display, center of gravity graphs, weight and balance data, and a complete flight package ready for edition on paper or PDF printer. Wow ! CPS author Pierre Chassang just needs you to ask for the “download password” via email at support.cps<at>bbox<dot>fr as mentioned on his Facebook page. I guess this is the way to get the download link as well.

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New version featuring update auto check is released on the blog:

Happy Landings
Pierre Chassang


Take a look here:


Looks like a great tool – strange distribution method though, especially for those people who do not use Facebook.