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Aeroplane Heaven – C-47C Preview

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Aeroplane Heaven is working on the P3D5 update for their DC-3 and C-47 aircraft packages. It will be better than a simple simulator patch. They will add for free the C-47C amphibious with floats, and “new textures and materials for full V5 support”.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Nemeth Designs A350 Expansion

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It’s not uncommon for developers to add an expansion pack to a release, containing new models and versions, but usually retaining the cockpit, sounds and often flight dynamics of the base package. Nemeth Designs have now joined this growing trend, with the release of a six-model expansion pack to their…


Carenado’s 172 Now Floats Too

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We mentioned it before already, Carenado is chopping up its packages and selling all bits and pieces separately. So now you have to choose whether you buy a Cessna 172 on wheels, or on skis, or on floats….. or get them all and  pay almost 49 Euros for the complete…