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GoFlight Technologies Company Sold

The hardware company GoFlight, well known for their wide selection of modules, panels and controls for flight simulation announce they sold their company. Without revealing

GoFlight : 737-like yoke announced

You can easily recognize the 737 style yoke, revealed by GoFlight, and named GF-Pro Yoke System. It will be introduced on 13th April at the Flightsim

GF-DIO Board from GoFlight

This one was actually announced on Thursday and managed to slip through theour net, but GoFlight have released their GF-DIO input/output board. “While there are

GoFlight adds P3D Support

GoFlight Technologies, developers of home cockpit hardware, have announced on their blog and via Press Release that they are now supporting and “Fully integrated” with

More GoFlight Modules at simMarket

GoFlight has achieved to gather a community of users with modules to replicate the aircraft controls and systems panels. Look at the latest entries available

New Software Module From GoFlight

GoFlight Inc. “……is proud to announce the release of a new support software, version 1.81. GF Config is a convenient application that lets you assign

More GoFlight Parts In The Shop

SimMarket has added some more GoFlight ‘Kit’ to their shop. Also available now for cockpit builders are the MCP Advanced Autopilot module, the Throttle-Pitch-Mixture module

GoFlight Modules Now On simMarket

More hardware now on simMarket’s online shop. Now also offered are the GoFlight systems from the US, delivered via Aerosoft Germany. Currently available from simMarket’s

FSLabs’ GoFlight MCPProX Driver Released

Flight Sim Labs, Ltd., (FSLabs), announced the release of yet another one of their specialized driver applications, this time to provide an interface between GoFlight

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