GoFlight : 737-like yoke announced



You can easily recognize the 737 style yoke, revealed by GoFlight, and named GF-Pro Yoke System.

It will be introduced on 13th April at the Flightsim Conference, Paderborn-Lippstadt airport, Germany. Pre-sales should be opened on the same day.

About the features, we read that “Each handle has five programmable buttons; Trim, View Selection, A/T Disengage, and two Voice Call buttons.  Also included is a Hat Switch and Thumb Joystick for controlling your mouse.

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Goflight is not an inexpensive company as far as the pricing goes but they were reasonable compared to other manufacturers, so I thought this yoke would have been a decent price, of course not cheap but around 300 dollars, but 750 dollars is a huge disappointment. They could have easily made a profit pricing it at 250 dollars but 750 is just over doing it and everyone that was waiting for this yoke have agreed that the pricing is a joke. Hopefully they realize this rip off price won’t sell any units and dumb down the price

I have no idea of the issues involved in mass building a piece of hardware like this, it may not be easy to make it good and cheap. Good or bad, 750$ is for a very select group of simmers. Most hardware for home cockpit builders is insanely expensive.

I would not go as far as to say the company has a reputation for quality. Their Throttle quadrant is flimsy and cheap feeling…

Often some flimsy piece of hardware can cost more than a private pilot’s license.

That’s with most flight sim products. I’m always baffled people actually pay these prices. Often some flimsy piece of hardware would cost more than my whole gaming computer.