FSLabs’ GoFlight MCPProX Driver Released

Flight Sim Labs, Ltd., (FSLabs), announced the release of yet another one of their specialized driver applications, this time to provide an interface between GoFlight hardware and Flight Simulator software. “…… The GoFlight MCPPro (and optional EFIS) module has been a favorite among users for a long time, due to its quality, durability and affordable price…..”.
“…… FSLabs is now happy to provide owners of GoFlight MCPPro hardware a specialized driver to interface their MCP with the PMDG 747-400X Queen of the Skies for Flight Simulator X.

This interface allows owners of GoFlight’s MCPPro hardware to interface their MCP with the PMDG 747-400X for FSX simulation product. Customers must already own and have installed a GoFlight MCPPro with optional EFIS module(s) in order to use this driver. Installation of the PMDG 747-400X airliner add-on for FSX is of course also a prerequisite.

FSLabs releases ‘try-before-you-buy’ software and this downloadable driver provides a fully working, area-limited (around Greece’s Venizelos airport) version which can be fully enabled by purchasing a license key from within the program, once installed.

You can find and download the Installer for the GoFlight MCPProX driver on the dedicated product page here.

You can contact FSLabs through our forums.

About Flight Sim Labs Ltd., (FSLabs)

Flight Sim Labs Ltd. (FSLabs) is a company specializing in various add-on products and services for the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Enterprise Simulator Platform (ESP) families. Flight Sim Labs was founded in 2008 by Lefteris Kalamaras, one of the flight simulation industry’s veteran designers in advanced aircraft technology.

Flight Sim Labs is currently focusing on several different flight simulation products, such as:

– highly realistic aircraft add-ons, with the addition of the SSTSim development team, whose flagship Concorde product for FS2004 will be repositioned by Flight Sim Labs in Flight Simulator X, with all new 3D model, Virtual Cockpit and 2D panel gauge development that will be nothing less than stunning!

– specialized hardware interfaces to the world’s most popular Flight Simulator add-on airliners.

– programming and design services to other highly demanding add-on producers, on a project basis…….”.

0 Responses

  1. Seems a bit off charging money to make something work which should work already when you buy it. Dont you think?

    If i bought a Fridge i would expect it to work not have to buy some software so it will work!

  2. The operative word in your comment is ‘seems’, indeed.

    And if it SHOULD happen to a fridge you bought, I’d think you would comment on the ‘fridge maker’, not on the guy who is trying to help you make it cool after all.

  3. Yeah why waste money on a driver to make something that already works well with other software without any additional expense, work at all with some other company’s software. I wouldn’t even bother downloading a cracked version of their driver on principle.

    Level D and FeelThere both have aircraft that use the MCP Pro’s full capabilities, and you get that as part of the offering. I’d want to know what else PMDG could possibly provide that would make me part with my hard earned cash, after having already bought their product.


  4. I will never buy go flight products again after being conned into buying thier products. £329 is a lot money for something that only works with wilcos pilot in command. thier after sales service is nonexistent.

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