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Airportech – LaGuardia 2020 For X-Plane 11

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New York LaGuardia KLGA has been released last summer, and today, Airportech updated their scenery for the latest X-Plane 11 with new features included. The American airport scenery benefits now of high resolution and custom ground textures, animated jetways, and the support for the new service vehicles. Watch the tutorials by…


Airportech – LaGuardia 2020 – X-Plane 10

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May Airportech improve again their audience how they desered the success with their previous product KAUS Austin. In their new high definition scenery pack, the team will delight their customers with animated jetways with docking guidance system, animated traffic everywhere on ground sea and railways, and even the World Traffic…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

X-Plane gets Drzewiecki New York Airports

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Polish developers Drzewiecki Design have expanded their coverage in the X-Plane world, with the release of this pack, containing no fewer that six airports in and in the vicinity of New York City. The six locations covered comprise three international commercial airports; Kennedy, Newark and La Guardia, plus three smaller GA/business…


Drzewiecki New York Airports X : bundle or one by one

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New York Airports X was initially released as an economic bundle by Drzewiecki Design, and you have now the ability to choose “extracts” of the bundle, if you want only one or two airports of the selection. If you need three or more airports, the bundle is still the best way…


Imagine Sim – KLGA La Guardia NY

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This airport is one simmers have been waiting for. New York La Guardia is now available at simMarket, released by Imagine Sim for FSX here and FS2004 there. You have photoreal buildings with textures at at 5cm per pixel scale, smooth animations of jetways, full 3D runways and taxiways night…