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MD-11 MCDU training video

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Angle of Attack has a teaser (cut) video of their MCDU training for MD-11. It’s of course the PMDG MD-11 model here, and we are in favor that simmers keep on learning to fly, and to improve their knowledge of airliners technology. Yes, in that order.. fellow touch-buttons !


VATSIM Pilot Ratings…

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Flying online is not just fun because you are connected with other real people as pilots or ATC controllers. It’s an efficient way to learn the actual ATC phraseology and procedures, but also to practice English if it’s not your mother language. Add to that VATSIM helps you to learn…

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737 NGX Tutorial by Tom Risager

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New with the PMDG 737 NGX, Tom Risager updated his tutorial. Aimed at rookies, his 200 pages document will guide you step by step from dark and cold to shut down with complete check-lists and illustrations. Download here.


737 Management Reference Guide by Pat BOONE

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Pat Boone is not new at all with the 737 : First Officer in early 1990’s, he passed 737 Captain, and he’s now 737 and 767 instructor. He has upgraded and completed his MRG book over the past years, while it has been for sale at simMarket all this time.…


FSInventions – FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane 9 C172 Edition

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httpv:// Pilots on X-Plane 9 can access the FSFlyingSchool : take lessons of every phase of flight anywhere in the world. The team of 3 flight instructor will rate your performance and guide you at each step. You can also add the Voice Command module.