New Video Tutorials available in the Navigraph nDAC Learning Center

In our quest of learning how to act as a real Captain, reading and handling charts should be one of the basic duties.

It’s perfectly normal that some of the provided data or patterns is not directly understood at first. Navigraph has a learning center video available through their nDac software, and they have just completed the collection. The payware credits you’ll need can be purchased at simMarket.

“We are proud to announce a sixth set of video tutorials for direct download in the nDAC software. Eight tutorials have now been released, in addition to the 49 published previously. Each video teaches how to fly IFR approaches to various airports, including San Francisco, Vienna and Toronto. The video tutorials have been produced by VideoFlyRec, a Spanish video production company, using chart material provided by Navigraph. These eight new videos cover the following approaches:

1) Toronto ILS-06L
A Boeing 767 performs an ILS approach to RWY 06L at Toronto (CYYZ).

2) Cologne Bonn NDB-14L
A Boeing 737 performs an NDB approach to RWY 14L at Cologne/Bonn (EDDK).

3) Copenhagen VOR-04R
A Boeing 737 performs a VOR approach to RWY 04R at Copenhagen (EKCH).

4) Oslo ILS-01R
A Boeing 737 performs an ILS approach to RWY 01R at Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM).

5) San Francisco ILS-28R
An Embraer performs an ILS approach to RWY 28R at San Francisco (KSFO).

6) Ibiza ILS-06
A Boeing 737 performs an ILS approach to RWY 06 at Ibiza (LEIB).

7) Vienna ILS-34 – An Embraer performs an ILS approach to RWY 34 at Vienna (LOWW).

8) Lisbon ILS-03
A Boeing 767 performs an ILS approach to RWY 03 at Lisbon (LPPT).

Each video is approximately 8 minutes long in 640×480 pixel resolution (~40 MB), and costs 40 Navigraph credits to download. The account can be charged with a minimum of 100 credits for 10 EUR.

The videos are viewed directly in the nDAC software, see – no external media player is supported. The exact charts used in the videos can be downloaded separately as PDF documents from the Video Training section of the Learning Center / Online Contents tab in the nDAC software. They require the free Adobe Reader software for viewing and printing. The charts can also be downloaded and viewed in the nDAC software, but may have been updated since the production date of the video tutorial.

Video tutorial authors interested in distributing their material through Navigraph are invited to contact info{at}navigraph{dot}com.”

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