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FS2Crew 2010 – Airline Pilot Xtreme

Bryan York of FS2Crew informed us he released a bundle of voice controlled softwares. Get FS2Crew for various add-ons and default aircrafts, in one package

FS2Crew Leonardo Maddog Edition SP3

“FS2Crew is happy to announce that Service Pack 3 is now available for FS2Crew: Leonardo Maddog Edition. The Leonardo Maddog Edition of FS2Crew is a

Review: Leonardo SH Maddog 2010 Professional

Leonardo SH has given us their latest version of the Maddog… the MD-82 of the MD-80 series of airliners. Rather than take you through the various qualities of the aircraft, I’ll take you through a flight in FS9 so you can tell whether this aircraft is for you or not (FSX version available, too, read on…).

Maddog SP3.2 released

Fly the (updated) Maddog ! The Leonardo’s development team released their new service pack 3.2 we announced a few days ago. Standard version customers can

Maddog 80 new update soon

Good news for Maddog 80 users ! The Leonardo Dev Team announced they’re working on a new and free Service Pack for their advanced aircraft

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