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Fly The Maddog X – FAQ

Since the announcement of the new version of Fly The Maddog X, the enthusiasts simmers asked various questions to the developers team who had the

Fly The Maddog X – More Pics

More screenshots have been captured during the Beta test of Fly The Maddog X, the new version of the very advanced and realistic MD-80 in

Fly The Maddog X – Revival

A pair of preview screenshots taken from the virtual cockpit launched the opening of Fly The Maddog X Facebook page, to announce the reflections in the

RotateSim – MD-80 procedure videos

httpv:// I agree with RotateSim when they write a preview video is worth numerous screenshots. Their MD-80 in development for X-Plane is enough advanced to

New Screenshots of Rotatesim MD-80

The in development MD-80 “Mad Dog” for X-Plane from Rotatesim can now be previewed at the developers’ website, with 7 screenshots uploaded to this page. While

X-Plane News

X-Plane 10.35 Beta 2 released +++ Flight Factor A350 got an Update to version 1.1.2  +++ A very good freeware version of KLAX released on

X-Plane Mad Dog Progress screenshots

Rotatesim have published three preview screenshots, showcasing ongoing work for their X-Plane MD-80‘s cockpit. While it’s always hard to tell much from static preview screenshots,

Fly The Maddog Pro SP2

The maddog pilots will welcome the new Service Pack 2 for their Fly The Maddog Professional. Leonardo SH explains it will enable the compatibility with Windows

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