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“Basic” Carbon Cub for Flight Alaska

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Microsoft have announced a small amount of further detail regarding what will be included as part of their Alaska expansion for Flight. In a news article posted yesterday, they announced: “Prepare for takeoff! While exploring over 600,000 square miles of new scenery, 565 airports and 137 seaplane bases in the…


First thoughts on MS Flight

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There has been lots of talk about this latest installment by Microsoft in the “flight simulator” genre with lots of back and forth on whether or not this should be labelled a flight simulator or a game. For anyone who uses FSX or FS2004 I don’t think it’s possible to…


Another month, another teaser.

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Yes, it’s June (and officially summer in the Northern hemisphere, although someone forget to tell the weather in some areas!) so it must be time for another Flight! teaser from Microsoft Game Studios. This time we’re treated to some flying shots showing some new terrain and a fair amount of…


Microsoft Flight – The Cloud Enigma

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Microsoft Flight is the new Live Cloud development from Microsoft announced on the eve of gamescom 2010.  As Miguel B states in an earlier post this seem to be the direction that Microsoft are taking with respect to Flight Simulation.  What next, I wonder – available only on X-Box?  There’s a…


MS Flight Simulator becomes Microsoft Flight [Updated]

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It’s not much, really not much.. but Microsoft has revealed a web page and a short video under this link: and with this text: “Microsoft announces the development of ‘Microsoft Flight’, a new LIVE enabled Windows exclusive inspired by the best-selling Flight Simulator Franchise’. This comes as part of a…