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FS Academy – Jetliner MSFS

FS Academy provides this full and step-by-step tutorial made of 30 flight missions to make of you a skilled pilot of the Airbus A320 in

SoFly LTD – Landing Challenge Pro MSFS

This is a pack of 30 missions for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with increasing level of difficulty in the landing challenge. Discover extraordinary destinations all over

DFS invites you back to glacier flying

Although this package is only usable by those who already have Flylogic’s “Switzerland Professional” package, DFS’s Swiss Glacier Pilot volume 2 provides those who do

Navigational knowhow needed!

Roussillon Aéro Simulation have laid down a challenge with their 2nd “Fly the Cessna 172” package – that of navigating across France using Radio navaids

Challenging Approaches from SFSXM

New from Simple FSX Missions comes “Challenging Approaches“, a series of – as the names suggest – approach missions for MS FSX, designed to be

Two Abacus releases via simMarket

Two more products from Abacus have been added to their offerings through simMarket this weekend, in the form of Airbus A319 Test Pilot for FSX

Blue Angels Challenge mission

Vertical Flight Productions have developed a few missions already and contacted us to let you know about the latest one. It’s entitled Blue Angels Challenge

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