Two Abacus releases via simMarket

100999_s834s_08Two more products from Abacus have been added to their offerings through simMarket this weekend, in the form of Airbus A319 Test Pilot for FSX and Air Taxi Pilot for FS9.

Airbus A319 Test Pilot, as the name suggests, centres around two missions to check out a new A319 airliner for the manufacturer. Neither mission is short – both clock in at over 2hrs in length – and they are described as including sound effects, narration and using both the aircraft and scenery included with the package.

In Air Taxi Pilot, you’ll be operating five new light jets and piston aircraft to ferry people around as directed by the included “Air Taxi wizard”. You set the prices to keep yourself profitable and flying. The operations are based around five air taxi companies flying to and from smaller regional airports, away from the big airline hubs.

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  1. Hell noooooo! who is gonna buy that kind things !!??
    IS it AI planes…pffff FAIL!!

  2. Please!!!!…. this add on should be released some years ago, when people had no eyes in the face.

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