Navigational knowhow needed!

115139_FTC06Roussillon Aéro Simulation have laid down a challenge with their 2nd “Fly the Cessna 172” package – that of navigating across France using Radio navaids against the clock in either the default FSX C172, or the Carenado C172 (not included within the package) if you prefer.

The first stages are relatively easy because your co-pilot gives you all the necessary information to end the stage. After two stages you will be on your own onboard. You will have to calculate the time which you will need to fly from a point A to a point B without losing you in the French sky. All the stages are timed. Once you’re ended stage, send us the time which you realized. A results board is available. Good flight and good luck.

Fly the Cessna 172 Vol.2 – 100% Navigation – 100% Challenge can be found here.

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