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FlightSim Community Survey 2019

The large survey prepared and analyzed by Navigraph help the flightsim community to have a better idea of simmers preference, hardware equipment, or how do

FlightSim Community Survey

During 9-25 of November 2018 Navigraph is conducting a FlightSim Community Survey together with several major addon developers and organizations within the flight simulation community.

Carenado – 525A Citation CJ2 Released

Carenado’s long awaited Citation CJ2 has been released today. Although It’s currently available on their web store at the moment, I’d expect it to be

Navigraph adds Lido/RouteManual Charts

Now available, via the Navigraph Charts service, are Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/RouteManual charts, oriented to True North and including true-to-scale topographic information such as mountain heights and river courses.

Navigraph Cycle 1505

It’s time to run the FMS Data Manager again, or download all your files, if you are a subscriber to Navigraph‘s FMS Data service, following

Navigraph News

Navigraph is not just compilating the regular Airac Cycles, and updating their charts 4 times a year. In order to maintain their company at the

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