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Reality XP – GTN 650/750 for X-Plane

Initially launched for X-Plane 9/10 users, the new product of Reality XP will be adapted soon for FSX and P3D pilots too. Navigation and communication with

Airbus Evolution Volume 1 and 2

The Evolution pack of Airbus includes new features developed by Eric Marciano, FeelThere and Reality XP. In volume 1 are the A320 family aircraft, and

Airbus Series Evolution

This Evolution pack has new features included by Eric Marciano, FeelThere and Reality-XP like a weather radar, HUD, SID/STAR management, and better simulated systems and

Airbus Series Evolution

Owners of Airbus Series volume 1 and/or volume 2, can watch the payware upgrade presentation video on YouTube. Among the new features the developers included,

ELITE V8.5 With GNS 430 WAAS Released

Here’s yet another excited manufacturer of all-things-aviation. Our Elite friends from Switzerland report “We are very excited about the release of the GNS 430 WAAS.

New RealityXP Web Site

Jean-Luc Dupiot, owner of the Canadian Reality XP, announced that “….. in an ongoing effort to refine its brand, Reality XP Simulation launched a new

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