Airbus Series Evolution

Owners of Airbus Series volume 1 and/or volume 2, can watch the payware upgrade presentation video on YouTube.

Among the new features the developers included, Eric Marciano, FeelThere and Reality-XP, you’ll find a weather radar, HUD, SID/STAR management, and better simulated systems and displays informations. As the publisher hasn’t updated the homepage yet, visit directly here.

0 Responses

  1. From the look of the video, with black and grey windows all round, I’d say no.

    I’m more interested, if I’m honest, in whether it fixes the problems with the descent rate in the Pack 1 aircaft, because 6-8000fpm descents are the main thing that stops me using the pack – far more than the external windows.

    Ian P

  2. I’m glade to see an upgrade for this effort. Seeing no one yet has done a decent Airbus for Flight Simulator that’s had the systems modeling this series had, it’s good to see this project improved upon.

  3. Using v/s is an adequate work-around for the descent issues as far as I’m concerned. Most aircraft I own don’t do that properly anyway. An external model that looks like AI has no real work-around though unless you are prepared to sacrifice the VC.

  4. I use V/S at the moment, when I use the aircraft, but according to most sources I’ve read, it was fixed for the Vol2 Airbus Heavies pack – they just never fixed it for the Vol1 aircraft. Why not, I don’t know.

    Having done some more research, this also looks like it is primarily the third party modifications done by Eric Marciano and already released by him. Therefore, it won’t fix the descent problem either. It does look like it adds a lot of features, though, so will be worth looking at.

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