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TOGA Projects – EnvPlus P3D

In a friendly user interface, EnvPlus by TOGA Projects is an expansion for use with Envshade and/or Envtex (tools sold separately), compatible with P3D v5.3+

TOGA Projects – Envshade SP1 Released

With new customization settings and new features to enhance again the visuals, the Service Pack 1 of Envshade is ready for P3D. TOGA Projects announced

TOGA Projects – EnvShade P3D Update

TOGA Projects team enhances again their EnvShade for P3D with the directional clouds lighting management. It’s compatible with PBR effects and the clouds receive light

Aerosky Production – Realshade P3D4

With Realshade for P3D4, you get a nice visuals upgrade for the atmosphere, the skycolor or the aircraft reflections without changing textures or having to

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