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IndiaFoxtEcho – America-Class LHA Ships MSFS

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Two US carriers (USS America LHA-6 and USS Tripoli LHA-7) are packed in the MSFS product America-Class LHA Ships released by IndiaFoxtEcho. Both ships are landable and will bring more excitement to your flights with the F-35 Lightning II for example.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

New Ships For The North And Baltic Seas

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On the SimDocks website, there are now 7 new ships for download (3 models in 7 liveries) for the North and Baltic Sea. These are RoGo Freighters of the MSG-113 class used by both Finnlines and the DFDS shipping company. Further information can be found on the product page. Free…


Powerboatin’ in FSX!

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We saved this bit of news for the weekend. Delta Sim Studios is by now known for his wonderful ships and boats. The latest in a series of ships adapted for FSX is this  40 foot powerboat – 3 types in 10 variants with animated parts and crew. These models…


Two More Deltasim Ships

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Following the release of the first two Deltasim ships on simMarket, there are now two additional posted. The first is an off-shore support ship, the Bourbon Orca X-bow. Truly an impressive workhorse of the seas. The other is the Maltese Falcon, a magnificent three-mast sailing yacht. Owning one of these…