IndiaFoxtEcho – Ford Class Carriers MSFS Update

IndiaFoxtEcho, a prominent developer in the Microsoft Flight Simulator community, has geared up for the arrival of a highly anticipated feline-themed update. The latest version, 1.2.3, dubbed the “Tomcat and Superbug” update, not only addresses minor bugs but also introduces exciting new features in Ford Class Carriers package for MSFS. Among these updates is an additional location for the Ford and Nimitz carriers, with the Nimitz now showcasing a “vintage” deck complete with iconic aircraft such as Tomcats, Vikings, and Sea Kings. While the A-7 or A-6 models might be missing, users can still enjoy the nostalgic experience of naval aviation from a bygone era.

A noteworthy addition is a special version of the default SuperHornet, fully compatible with IndiaFoxtEcho’s static carriers. This version includes launch and arrest code, seamlessly integrating with the carriers. Users will find it as a unique livery of the default Superbug, enhancing the overall naval aviation experience in MSFS. Additionally, the update strategically swaps the dynamic locations of the Nimitz and Ford in Southern California, ensuring that the first dynamic ship encountered from Miramar is suitable for both the F-35 and the Tomcat, enhancing realism and gameplay dynamics.

The release schedule for the update is outlined, with SimMarket users expected to receive it within a couple of hours, Microsoft users in a couple of weeks, and other distributors in a day or two. This update demonstrates IndiaFoxtEcho’s commitment to delivering immersive and dynamic content for MSFS enthusiasts, bringing new dimensions to virtual naval aviation within the simulator. Aviation enthusiasts and gamers alike can look forward to an enhanced experience with the “Tomcat and Superbug” update.

Changelog v1.2.3



  • – Fixed minor glitch in E-2C Hawkeye model
  • – Changed GUID for USS Ticonderoga, wheelchocks and towbar objects to avoid conflicts with other packages
  • – Fixed incorrect position light colors in F/A-18F model
  • – Adjusted glass tint for several aircrafts
  • – Added F-14A static model
  • – Added S-3B static model
  • – Added SH-3 static and flight model
  • – Added C-2A 4-blade prop model
  • – Swapped Nimitz and Ford dynamic locations in California


  • – Added a Super Hornet variant with additional code for full carrier compatibility. The variant will appear as an additional livery.

USS Ford-class

  • – Fixed missing wheelchocks in several locations
  • – Added new location (C78G close to Israel)

USS Nimitz-class

  • – Added “vintage” flight deck (with Tomcats, Sea Kings and Vikings) at multiple locations

“Vintage” flight deck locations:

  • – Libya (new location)
  • – Hawaii
  • – Added missing wheelchocks to SF location
  • – Fixed missing Fire Tractor on USS Eisenhower model
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