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FeelThere – EDDS Stuttgart X-Plane 11

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FeelThere team has a German airport to suggest for X-Plane 11 : Stuttgart EDDS with its easily recognizable terminal. Among the features listed on the product page here, SAM animations will affect the marshalles and the jetways. More airports for MSFS and X-Plane by FeelThere are currently on sale at…


Aerosoft – Stuttgart EDDS XP Preview

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It’s time to discover the extra realistic scenery for X-Plane that Aerosoft is finalizing up to depict the big airport of Stuttgart EDDS. Their preview screenshots reveal great 3D details on the buildings and custom ground markings.


JustSim – EDDS Stuttgart Airport MSFS

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German simmers are numerous in the flight sim community, that’s why every new airport release from this country often becomes an important spot in the simulator. The famous team JustSim brings to the market their accurate and quality design scenery of EDDS Stuttgart for MSFS, here at simMarket.


JustSim – Stuttgart Airport X-Plane 11

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Stuttgart EDDS in 2019 as a beautiful scenery in X-Plane 11, it’s possible to find it : look for  JustSim latest release at simMarket. It’s the main airport in Baden-Württemberg lander, the south-western German state.


JustSim – Stuttgart Airport P3D V4.4+

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Stuttgart is a German city famous in the world for its famous car industries, Daimler/Mercedes and Porsche. But we’re here for simulation related stuff, and today, we introduce JustSim scenery of Stuttgart EDDS, exclusively designed for P3D4. By these last words, you would expect a lot of SODE animations, GSX…


Aerosoft – Airport Stuttgart XP 11

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With Airport Stuttgart XP 11, Aerosoft installs an accurate and up to date reproduction of the German airport. The animated passengers boarding and the animated traffic are not the only attractive features.


Aerosoft – Stuttgart and Frankfurt PRO P3D4

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Aerosoft made numerous enhancements to the existing sceneries of Stuttgart EDDS and Mega Airport Frankfurt EDDF, to be able to appreciate more than just the P3D V4 Compatibility. These Professional versions are exclusive P3D V4 products and they are made with the latest SDK, with new shadows, lights and optimization.

Other Simulations

Simworld – A320 Simulator in Germany

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The complete Airbus A320 cockpit simulator of Simworld is located near Stuttgart, in Germany. Book your tickets at simMarket, and choose your flight time from 60 minutes. A flight instructor will join you onboard after a 20 minutes flight briefing, and you will receive a certificate at the end.


Aerosoft – Stuttgart X boxed

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For those who always wait for a boxed product before purchase, this release info should raise their interest. Stuttgart X makes part of the German Airports series, and Aerosoft just made it available including original printed charts and both FSX / FS2004 versions.

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