EDDS Stuttgart Updated to V1.2 on MSFS

The developers at RDPresets have published an update for Stuttgart Airport (EDDS) in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). Version 1.2 of the airport brings several bug fixes and enhancements, especially in the area of optimization.

Specific changes include overhauling the taxiway signs, adding missing taxiway edge lights and helipad lighting, and correcting lighting issues on multiple buildings. Additionally, textures have been adjusted and related bugs fixed.

To download the update, users can use the following link: ↗ There they will find the file “RDPresets EDDS Stuttgart V1.2”.

With this update, MSFS pilots can enjoy Stuttgart Airport with improved visual and functional elements. The update helps make the flying experience even more realistic and immersive. It is recommended to download the latest version to benefit from the fixed bugs and improvements.

Note: The Simmarket app may be required to install the update. If the app is not already installed, it can be downloaded via the provided link. After installing the app, the website should be reloaded to download the update.

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