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Flight1 – DC-9 and Super 80 P3D4 Online

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This week is special for commercial aviation simmers fans of vintage aircraft with the release by Flight1 of Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack for P3D4. Get both at once, and all updated and revised for P3D4 optimization. The dispatch / flight center works now with both aircraft, and you…


Expanded checklists for DC-9 Classic

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With the expanded checklists found on Coolsky website for their DC-9 Classic, you get in fact a step-by-step guide giving you flows of operations to do. Real checklists are shorter without details, as they are just items checking requirements by the airlines and aircraft manufacturer.


More Flight1 Super 80 Liveries

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Oh well, not world shattering news…. yet another repaint… but hey, it’s a press release and the McPhat paints are rather nice. “…. McPhat Studios has released another set of classic liveries for the Flight 1 Cool Sky Super 80.  This time with great looking high-definition liveries Aerolineas Argentinas, Alaska…


More HD Textures From McPhat

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Jeff Smith of Flight1 reports that McPhat Studios has released a second set of repaints for their Super Pro 80. The product is called Super 80 Pro World Airliners 2 Ultra High Definition Texture Set. Say again? Yes, indeed. Liveries include those for USAir, NWA Orient, Delta Airlines, and many…


More UHD Textures For Super 80

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Jeff Smith of Flight1 reports that “….. McPhat Studios and Flight One Software have released a second set of Ultra High Definition textures. This time for our steam gauged and cone tail equipped Super 80 fans. This release is for the Flight1/Coolsky Super 80 Classic Edition.  With a pixel per…

Press Releases

Additional Liveries For Flight1 Super 80

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In a recent press release McPhat Studio and Flight One Software are announcing “….. the immediate availability of a special expansion to the Flight1/Coolsky Super 80 Professional product that brings you ten-special Ultra High Definition Texture sets. With a pixel per meter ratio of 253, these are possibly the most…