More HD Textures From McPhat

S80_CLASSIC_WorldJeff Smith of Flight1 reports that McPhat Studios has released a second set of repaints for their Super Pro 80. The product is called Super 80 Pro World Airliners 2 Ultra High Definition Texture Set. Say again? Yes, indeed. Liveries include those for USAir, NWA Orient, Delta Airlines, and many more.”…. With a pixel per meter ratio of 253, these are possibly the most detailed aircraft textures in history of Flight Simulator. They are four times as detailed as the stock Super 80 Pro textures….”.
“…. Making HD textures is not about blowing up the existing ones, times four. They are build from the ground up, not only for the diffuse map, but also for the specular and bump maps. This allows a rivet looks like a rivet, scratches look like scratches, soot that looks like soot, and decals are fully readable. The textures have to be meticulously designed with the tiniest details in mind.

We believe you will be amazed by these new textures. The product is available now for download purchase for $19.90, and includes and automatic installer for the 10 new liveries.

For more information, please visit the product page here. ….”.

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  1. I just love McPhat’s work. There are things they do with their effects that leave me wondering how.

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