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Just Flight / DC Designs – Concorde MSFS Update 1.0.5

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Just Flight and DC Designs are ready for Sim Update 11 of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Their latest updates for the Concorde ensures compatibility and brings several improvements at the same time. Avionics update and reverse buckets animations have now more details. Get the update by redownloading the full installer at…


Learn the Concorde Training DVD

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In order to fly seriously the Concorde, unique by his design and performance, you may want to receive some help. Here comes Flight Deck Productions with their 2 DVD set for a complete training so you can master the beast.


Supersonic Flight – The Future

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Supersonic Flight sans BOOM! In one of the latest online versions of WIRED magazine they report that Boeing and Lockheed Martin in collaboration with NASA have submitted ideas for some new designs for a futuristic supersonic airliner. The new plane could actually break the sound barrier without the accompanying sonic…