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JustFlight Releases EE Lightning for FSX

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JustFlight have released their version of the English Electric Lightning F.6 as a download and boxed product from their site. The EE Lightning is an impressive beast from the same Cold War years that gave the USAF aircraft such as the F104 Starfighter and the USSR the MiG-21; aircraft designed…


Learn the Concorde Training DVD

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In order to fly seriously the Concorde, unique by his design and performance, you may want to receive some help. Here comes Flight Deck Productions with their 2 DVD set for a complete training so you can master the beast.


Supersonic Flight – The Future

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Supersonic Flight sans BOOM! In one of the latest online versions of WIRED magazine they report that Boeing and Lockheed Martin in collaboration with NASA have submitted ideas for some new designs for a futuristic supersonic airliner. The new plane could actually break the sound barrier without the accompanying sonic…