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Aerosoft “Thunder” gets TacPacked

A new “Major Update” newly released for the Aerosoft English Electric Lightning brings the package to version 2.0, adding support for VRS TacPack, plus a

Aerosoft – F-14 X Review

Different people get excited by different announcements in our hobby. Seeing Aerosoft working on a Tomcat certainly got my heart racing. The product in question

Tomcat traps a 3-wire

After the slight black mark of yesterday’s missed approach, the Aerosoft F-14X today got an “OK Pass” marking from the Landing Systems Officer and has

Iris Warthog Driver II with TacPack

The updated version of Iris Simulations‘ Warthog Driver package has been quite eagerly anticipated by users of VRS‘s TacPack module, as the primary feature of

Tutorial video of Iris A-10A with TacPack This combat malarkey in FSX is still causing a bitter divide between users – those who think it is absolutely essential to have armament

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