Iris Warthog Driver II with TacPack

The updated version of Iris SimulationsWarthog Driver package has been quite eagerly anticipated by users of VRS‘s TacPack module, as the primary feature of the reworked simulation based on the A-10 is integration with the Vertical Reality combat system. There are, however, a number of other reworked functions and upgrades over the original package for FSX and P3D users.

Version II is now available in no fewer than four versions, depending on what your base setup is. Stand-alone versions for FSX and P3Dv1/v2 are joined by the TacPack enabled version for FSX, with a Gold bundled package of all three to round the set out. Click on the version links for further information. A tutorial explaining some of the TacPack functionality is available on the page for that version. Existing customers of version 1 should check their mail for news of an free upgrade to the new version.

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